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Whitman and Dickinson: Creative

I wrote this “imitation Whitman” poem below entitled “Babe of Optimism”, based on the opening line of the eighth section of “Song of Myself”. I really wanted to capture the freedom of his verses, imitating its formless nature, and lack of structure.

“The little one sleeps in its cradle, head resting on soft pillows

A softness foreign to the world in which he lives

Lies still young child! Babe of Optimism squirm not, be restless nay.

May you enjoy that which such a respite offers

The relief from that which all future desire will stem

For in dreams, you shall see what but now you feel

And long to feel it once again.

For in nightmares of life, you shall long for that which you now possess in abundance

And curse, for it will ever evade you.”


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  1. Hey Cameron! Amazing poem to start with, I don’t know if you intended for it to be ominous but that’s the feeling it gave off for me. It is similar to Whitman, and as you said, captures the freedom of his verses while imitating its formless nature and lack of structure. Overall, an impressive poem and a great blog, I will be looking forward to your future blogs.


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