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Try to write an e.e.cummings poem using your own subject matter but sticking to his language and form.

I have taken inspiration from Cumming’s “in Just-“ for this poem, using the opening line to begin my own poem.

in Just-

the space between this and there


in Just that very spot

the trees swoosh secrets

            the sky opens

and closes

open    close

open                close




and when the Clock               walks by

andwhenthe                  Clock walks by

maybe He waves?

probably just passes.

would He dine with me?

probably just passes.

heed my words?

probably just passes.





in Just-

this very moment

He and i are friends at



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  1. Cameron, I really liked this entry. Using the gaps that E.E cummings used to express these fleeting, segmented moments in life was great. As well as the use of the clock to create a constant ticking along side your gaps and to symbolise further that fleeting time we have in our lives. Really brought out both the fearful and sweet quality that life has, really enjoyed it.

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