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Australian Literature 1

Who is an Australian? Describe your own national and cultural background and explain why it is definitely part of what makes up our Australian nation.

Australia is somewhat of a paradox: An ancient land, but a relatively young nation. This makes the question of who an Australian truly is, a difficult one. The first thought that springs to mind when posed this question is the sunburnt bogan, with the Bintang singlet and longneck to boot. I attribute this greatly to my own cultural background, which can be traced back to the convict William Scanes on one side, and a variety of European nations on the other. Australia’s First Nations Peoples also spring to mind, when discussing this idea of who an Australian is.

Living in Western Sydney has greatly broadened my view of who an Australian is, also. The vast variety of cultural groups and nationalities that call Western Sydney, and therefore Australia, home, has also altered my view of who an Australian truly is. To me, an Australian, put simply, is anyone who lives within Australia, regardless of how they arrived, or the rich heritage that they bring with them. In my eyes, one of Australia’s greatest strengths, is our multiculturalism, and acceptance that comes along with this. Australia is an ancient land, but a relatively young nation; a rich tapestry of people and cultures.


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  1. This was an excellent topic to talk about, and I think you did an outstanding job describing the essence of Australia and its people. I agree that Australia is like a paradox, and I believe it has been this way since the first settlers because that changed the definition of who an Australian is. You said that the first thing that came to your mind was “the sunburnt bogan”, that was interesting because it shows how we can all have different ideas on such topics, which are often influenced by our experiences and backgrounds.
    Coming from Western Sydney myself I can really relate to your opinion on how living in that part of the country makes you see what “a rich tapestry of people and cultures” Australia is.
    You tackled the question appropriately while addressing all areas, my only advice is to state whether the blog is creative or critical because I think that can help your reader understandwhether you will base your discussion on opinions or facts and research.
    I look forward to reading your future blogs.
    – Ashureena


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